My home – 2 story loft apartment in Oslo

My good friend and photographer Line Dybwad-Olsen helped me out taking some photos of our apartment since we will rent it out while we enjoy our Bali-life some more 😉

So if you need a place to stay in Oslo this spring check out this link for more info.

Photos : Line Dybwad-Olsen

5 replies on “My home – 2 story loft apartment in Oslo

  • Anonymous

    For en flott leilighet, og en fantastisk blogg! La ekstra godt merke til den vakre lampen på kjøkkenet! Kan jeg spørre hvor den er fra? Er på lampejakt, og den hadde vært perfekt!

    Hilsen Karina 🙂

  • Daisy feddrick

    WOW!! The kitchen is looking amazing. I like everything in it including the color concept and everything else. I like the idea of keeping the dining table in adjacent room. It is very creative and very proper. This is what is called a perfect idea for the kitchen design. I like researching these things because i find these things very interesting and we get new ideas by looking at all these things.I like light colors in the bedroom


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