Inspiration – Nice

I just spent some days in Nice, on the french riviera. I love this city since it has a little bit of everything.
From the Mediterranean Sea to the Alps. From the most fancy shops and restaurants to the small, intimate and cosy ones. I especially like the old town with its narrow streets, pastel colored houses and washing hanging out of windows.

Some interior shops I like in Nice:

Bao Bab, 10 rue du marché.
Has a nice collection of decorations and furnitures made of recycled materials.
Photos nr. 2 & 3 are from this shop.

Mathilde M, 19 rue du marché.
A small romantic boutique selling scents and decoration for the bathroom.

Millefleurs, Old Nice
A very charming boutique selling craft items from Provence.

Flamant, 18 rue de la liberté
Flamant’s collections offer a multitude of styles; from classic, country and Gustavian to modern vintage and contemporary urban design.

Every monday there is a big flea and antiques market on the Cours Selaya in the old part of the town.

Photos: Åse Ørjasæter

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