Morabito Art Villa – Bali

On my last visit to Bali I stayed at this amazing villa resort, Morabito Art Villa. The place is an oasis of pure relaxation, and staying there was just like living in Paradise.

Architecture and decoration, redesigned by Paris designer Pascal Morabito is a marriage of the contemporary and ancient works of art. I am very impressed by his work and get a lot of inspiration from Pascal every time I meet him. And from the rest of his creative family; both his wife Marie-Eve and their son Teo are very talented photographers, while their youngest son Tao is dedicated to filmmaking. Both the place and the hosts are great sources of inspiration.

Morabito Art Villa is located on Berawa Beach, on the southwest coast of Bali, walking distance from Seminyak. It can accommodate up to 25 guests and is the perfect place to celebrate weddings and other big events.

Photos: Åse Ørjasæter

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